Supplements for Non-Ketogenic Low-Carb Diets

You can lose weight on a low-carb diet without ketosis. Your body can swap between glucose and fat for fuel. Typically, this occurs in the range between 40g-100g of carbs a day.

You will not get the same metabolic advantages as people on ketogenic diets. But you will enjoy a greater variety of food. This type of diet is easier to follow.

Popular non-ketogenic low-carb diets are Zone, South Beach and Atkins Phase 3.

Recommended supplements for non-ketogenic low-carb diets

  • Nutri-Align Multivit – 1-2 tablets a day
    Extra-strong multivitamin/multimineral (with L-Carnitine and chromium) to cover any vitamin deficiencies
  • Nutri-Align Co-Enzyme Q10 – 1 capsule a day
    Co-Enzyme Q10 works together with chromium and L-carnitine to mobilise fat-burning
  • Nutri-Align Psyllium Husk – 2-3 capsules a day
    Psyllium husks top up your fibre intake to ensure healthy, trouble-free digestion
  • Nutri-Align Triple Omega – 1 capsule a day
    Omega oils can protect your heart, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce metabolic resistance


Your carb limit is more generous than that on ketogenic diets, so you can enjoy berries, fruit and nuts. Grains are usually still off-limits.

Although you will get some vitamins with your food, take a daily multivitamin as an insurance against any deficiencies. Vitamins benefit your health over the long term, for example, reduce oxidative stress and support energy-yielding metabolism.

Research shows that dieters who take a daily multivitamin are more likely to stick to their diet, and feel better overall while they are losing weight.

Co-enzyme Q10

Co-Enzyme Q10 helps to mobilise fat and reduce metabolic resistance. Metabolic resistance can stall your weight loss.

Psyllium Husk

Recommended fibre intake is 18g a day. Dietary fibre comes mostly from fruit, vegetables and grains. If you are not getting enough for trouble-free digestion, take a fibre supplement such as Psyllium Husk.

Triple Omega

If your doctor is concerned about your heart health on a high-fat diet, omega oils supplementation may be recommended. It can also help to reduce metabolic resistance.