About Us

Megan McManners, Founder of Nutri-Align


I am Megan McManners – the founder and owner of Nutri-Align.

My dream is that one day we’ll get rid of the so-called “standard Western diet”, with all its refined carbs, artificial flavourings and other junk.

And that the whole world will once again eat only real food, and also embrace the age-old tradition of occasional fasting.

The Forgotten Wisdom of Dr Atkins

It all started back in 2010. I was doing the Atkins Diet.

Dr Atkins strongly recommended supporting low-carb diets with nutritional supplements. Not to prevent deficiencies as his critics would later claim – but to fully optimise health and wellbeing.

He wrote a whole book on this subject. And Atkins Nutritionals used to produce their own brand of supplements – now discontinued.

I tried to follow his recommendations. But I just couldn’t find the right products.

Not Happy with Generic Supplements

I found that most supplements are designed based on the system of Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) values – from eighty years ago. The science behind most formulations is similarly decades out of date.

On top of that, generic products are often packed full of sugar and processed carbs.

Having moaned and raged about this for a while, I decided to start my own supplements business.

Starting My Own Business

Back then, I knew nothing about supplement manufacturing. So I found the right experts to help me develop formulations. And convinced one of the largest UK contract manufacturers to work with us.

All of my savings went into this project, plus a bank loan and the trusty credit card.

It was a bit of a gamble!

But eventually, everything worked out exactly as I had hoped.

Nutri-Align Keto Supplements Range

Our first product was Nutri-Align Multivit – a sugar-free multivitamin to supplement low-carb diets like Atkins and Keto. It was launched in 2012 and been selling well ever since.

Over the next 8 years, we expanded the range to include other supplements for Keto and Atkins diets; like Keto Electrolytes and Keto Catalyst.

Fasting Salts Electrolyte Powder

The latest addition to our product range is our Fasting Salts electrolyte powder.

I got into fasting while undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2019. Once again, I could not find the right product to support my fast.

So after successfully finishing my treatment, I decided to develop a new product for this specialised need.

Future Plans

The Nutri-Align range is deliberately small. It includes only the most effective products.

But we constantly monitor dietary research and science news for new developments.

For example, we’ve added a Mega Vitamin C and Zinc immunity-boosting formulation to meet the high demand created by the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ll continue to serve and support our customers. We hope to contribute to the upcoming nutritional revolution – one small step at a time!

Nutri-Align Supplements

  • Completely 100% sugar-free and zero-carb
  • Carefully calibrated for their target purpose
  • Made in the UK in full compliance with GMP and FDA guidelines