Moneyback Guarantee

Full 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee – No Questions Asked

Over 99% of our customers are happy with our products.

Most of them experience tangible improvements in their well-being and fitness goals as a result of taking our supplements.

However, supplements are not medicines. We are all different so not everyone gets the same results.

Supplement effects can vary depending on many factors, like your food choices, lifestyle, genetics, health, activity levels and so on.

The only way to find out for sure if the supplements will work for you is to try them out!

Because of our 60-day moneyback guarantee, there is no risk involved!

How does it work?

If you feel that the product is not working well for you, or are unhappy for any other reason whatsoever, please let us know.

We will issue a refund immediately on first request, no questions asked.

Does this policy apply across all websites and marketplaces?

This policy covers all purchases made directly from our brand websites, from our authorised retail partners and from Amazon.

Nutri-Align main website – serving UK, USA, Australia and all other international locations

Nutri-Align Europe website – serving the European Union

eBay and other resellers

Our moneyback guarantee covers purchases made via our own official eBay store.

But please note it does NOT cover purchases made from other eBay resellers and any other international reseller websites.

We have no control over their policies and we cannot guarantee the products are genuine.

Nutri-Align official eBay store

Opened products

Our moneyback guarantee will cover all products, whether opened or unopened.

We will issue the refund even if you have already taken most or all of the product.

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