Ten Fasting Myths vs Reality

Fasting Myths

Fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. It brings multiple benefits for your health, fitness and overall well-being.  But there are many myths associated with fasting that tend to scare people away. Let’s put some of those myths to rest! Fasting Myth #1: I will feel extremely hungry all …

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Fasting Salts Packaging

Fasting Salts pouches

We are changing outer packaging on our best-selling Fasting Salts powder. From January 2022, it will be available in foil pouches instead of HDPE plastic tubs. Why did we decide to change the packaging? Unfortunately, we had a few issues with the plastic tubs over the last year. Fragility Plastic tubs look quite robust but …

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Do Supplements Really Work?

Do Supplements Work

Some people claim that supplements are a waste of money. That their benefits are overhyped, and consumer fears are exploited by the cynical industry for profit. As a supplements company, we strongly disagree. And not just because we are in the business! Here is the list of reasons why such negative opinions exist – and …

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Immune System Supplements

immune boost supplements

Supplements For Your Immune System There is no magic pill that can protect you from coronavirus. Hopefully one day there will be. For now, the only strategy that’s guaranteed to work is avoiding exposure to infection. Most of us are trying to do just that in self-isolation. Is there anything else we can do? A …

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